Ballet Boys (2011) – Clip from the 30min BAFTA nominated documentary about the three Scotland brothers who are all training to the ballet dancers (for the CBBC series My Life)

Utterly Outrageous Reality Moments (2013) – Matt Edmondson presents a countdown of his top 20 reality TV clips of 2013, featuring contributions from those who loved, laughed and lived through the year’s most shocking, hilarious and downright naughty moments.

Pound Shop Wars (2012) – Pound shops are one of the fastest growing retail sectors, boosted by consumers keen to bag a bargain in economic hard times. This warm and witty documentary follows the extremely rapid expansion of two family-run retail businesses, as they both race to dominate the high street.

Streetbarber (2011) – Michael Douglas is the hairdresser who will cut anyone’s hair anywhere for BBC1’s The ONE Show. Here he ventures through wind and rain to the the lake district, all for the sake of the perfect coiffure.

Boxing Girls (2012) – Courtney, Demi and Lucy are 14 years old, and have one thing in common. They love doing something that would scare most of us – they are boxers. My Life finds out why they take part in one of the toughest and most controversial of sports. Part of the MY Life strand for CBBC

World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides – South Africa (2013) – A trailer for the series in which Henry Cole undertakes a three thousand mile South African odyssey, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. He is determined to avoid the well-worn path, seeking out unique insights into South Africa’s vibrant culture and landscape.

The Motorbike Show (2013) – Presenter Henry Cole is given some motorcycle racing training Mallory Park as part of ITV4’s series about all things motorbike related.

Cloudspotting (2008) – Second in a series of films about Cloudspotting – this one deals with Cumulo Nimbus (originally produced for The ONE Show)

Heroes of World War II – The Man Who Hoodwinked Hitler – How could one dead man save the lives of thousands of Allied soldiers? Ewen Montagu knew how and devised a cunning deception in which the body of a dead officer was washed ashore in Spain with false information about Allied landings in the Mediterranean. This documentary reveals how it was done.

America’s Lost Bombs: The True Story Of Broken Arrows (2001) – More than 30 American nuclear missiles have been lost or destroyed in accidents around the world. At least eleven of these bombs have never been recovered. This program lifts the veil of secrecy surrounding these lost weapons and looks at some of the most disturbing cases, continuing mysteries and potential dangers surrounding America’s lost nuclear weapons.

Afghanistan: Legacy Of War (2001) – As history shows, there’s never really a military solution in Afghanistan. Only the co-operation of the Afghan people, or the lack of it, will determine if terrorists are removed once and for all from this country. The Afghans are ready and willing to succeed.  This documentary tells their story.