Busy, busy, busy


After a quiet first half of the year, things have really picked up and now I’m busy, busy, busy. Having completed two Channel 5 documentaries for Nine Lives Media in Manchester (Britain’s Flashiest Families and A&E: When Patients Attack), I’m now about to start yet another for Nine Lines (My Life for CBBC). In between, I’ve been working on China Icons videos for the newly established Meridian Films in York and AO Adverts for Shine North. Hopefully this demand for my services will continue on into the New Year.

China Icons

I’ve been working for the Chinese! Well, I’ve been working at True North in Leeds on some programmes for China. I edited a one hour doc of rural China lives called Secret China and I’ve cut quite a few of the videos featured on the China Icon YouTube channel. Here’s oner of them:

You can see the rest here:

China Icons

A Month Of Asda


Just finished an intense month of work at The Millgroup working with a great team of people getting a myriad of videos ready for an annual Asda conference. A few late nights and several chewed fingernails were involved, but I think we delivered in style and the videos went down a storm at the conference. Looking forward to working there again later in the year.

Utterly Outrageous


Looks like I’m going to be having an Utterly Outrageous year as, following my work on “Utterly Outrageous Reality TV Moments 2013” for Shiver at ITV, I’ve been booked to work on “Utterly Outrageous Celebrity Weddings” & “Utterly Outrageous Celebrity Transformations”. That’s going to keep me very busy for April & May. I do enjoy working on fun, trashy TV but I might have to read a bit of Proust in the evenings just to keep my brain on an even keel.